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Neepbles 9 (was progress report)

Lack of much visible progress report… but some worldbuilding thoughts:

As the story has been growing on me with world details (remember, I picked up a tale I’d set down and walked away from last summer) and a subplot I haven’t launched yet but am fleshing out, the world itself needs some bones – and skin to put on it.

I’ve been people watching at Pride today, and the beach, and a few other places thinking about what *I* see as logical station life for this version of future reality.

I live in a reality where buildings that won’t make money are just ignored until they fall apart.  Gravity and plant life take care of that. Shabbier warehouses are used by shabbier businesses until they’re abandoned – and they will either fall in or be demolished to build something new and profitable. Even small family farms share that fate – farmhouses falling before the blackberry onslaught while the acreage is either farmed by agribusiness  or paved by ticky tacky housing projects.

Projecting my experience of these things, we get the shabbier docks being ceded to softside commerce, and then abandoned until something profitable can be built with that space or with those materials, once salvaged. Now, you don’t waste air and circulation on these sections, so you seal them off (there are, after all, the safety airlocks that close at regular intervals), so what – they spraypaint the window in that door black and move on? I presume there are going to be places accidentally left connected, like the places the power company doesn’t notice and disconnect when it’s on the mega bill of the mega company. The flotsam – human and rattine – would go there, as they do in unused parts of urban life. Squatters. Squatters, though, get noticed. Any aired and uncontrolled space wouldn’t last too long, unless there’s some benefit to the station (including a lack of the cost of enforcing and evicting and properly sealing the area). Sometimes, there probably is. Someone to blame? I’ll need to think more on that.

For the areas that are properly sealed, not aired, just closed off and left… well, no rats. If something like neepbles, in that it’s near-vacuum and vacuum vermin, there’s a delicate balance before the infestation would destroy the liveable habitat, so how would that work?

On the other hand, what about bots that are left behind accidentally – depending on their learning algorithms, might they go feral? Might the station AI still monitor those sections in case of infestation or something, and possibly run an experiment of its own?

These questions are rather intriguing… not sure if they’ll surface in this tale… but as it is growing, not shrinking, who knows…


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