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June 5, 2014 / Mir Plemmons

I think this is finally organized…

…now to decide how much emphasis to put on blog-side and how much to emphasize pages.

March 3, 2014 / Mir Plemmons

Bear with me – I’m in desperate need of reorganizing this – put the Neepbles public write and edit project in its own page, clear things up and organize better…

…and to sort of emphasize that, the really long title…


Thanks, folks! I’m learning a lot about what I can do with this platform, and I should have tried that a LONG time ago…

July 24, 2013 / Mir Plemmons


May be more.
May be “more than”
Maybe more than once.
Maybe more than once per day.
Maybe more than once per day you can.
Maybe more than once per day you can touch.
Maybe more than once per day you can touch something.
Maybe more than once per day you can touch something real.
Maybe more than once per day you can touch something – reality.
July 2, 2013 / Mir Plemmons

Hmmm. This didn’t post successfully, yesterday. Here’s more worldbuilding grist:

PopSciJun13RobotToys This is from Popular Science, June 13, on the general thesis that where my generation and those before us see robots as servants, accomplishers of tasks, children (partly due to touch screen and voice responsiveness) imagine robots as friends, teachers and mentors. Companions, for whom you download the most interesting recent app – or write your own – to make it able to teach you Spanish or whatever.

I’ve been focusing on worldbuilding the last few days to prep for a week where I don’t expect to be able to get online. That being the likely case, any post after tonight is probably several writing sessions’ work… I *am* absolutely working!!

June 28, 2013 / Mir Plemmons

Heh – today’s errand was to Airstream…

Art and life… So the inspiration for the story in progress was getting The Aluminum Falcon home from Florida with the mud dauber nightmare and various other crises… Just told the service mgr at the Airstream dealership… She just redeemed this errand time with a story if daubers brought by us and another coach (they don’t survive up here, or I’d be a pariah…) plus a request for a bug that eats daubers. I told her we could at least have people complaining about those *** bioengineers oughta DO something!!

Now have notes from the conversation to put into my piece later… honest, I’ve been writing today, but the notes have to be turned into real prose before I prove it!

… plus a Shari’s napkin full of scribbles. That *had* to be part of the mix, eventually. What surprises me is that I keep getting caught with the required companions of past writing eras that somehow haven’t become pure habit again – I’d always have an “Ubiquitous Green Notebook” (aka UGN, a Gregg ruled 6×9, fits in front pockets of generations of backpacks) and a blue Bic pen.

Anyway, I’ll transcribe, now that I’m back home, and post Neepbles 6 before bed…

June 24, 2013 / Mir Plemmons

Heeding the Clarion Call! Clarion West Write-a-thon has begun!

So… I’ll be tidying up a few stubs here, and teasing out a few story starts. Feedback and comments tend to spur me on, so please do – and let me know what you want to see more of, it’s likely to impact what I WRITE more of!

(Yes, I know I haven’t continued Neepbles from last year – lost my notes on who’s who so I’ll either have to let it sit or rebuild it…)


EDIT – having just deep-read through Neepbles, it’s coming back to me, so rebuilding is looking rather doable. That, and I just spent a week in the Airstream that inspired the tale, so…)

June 25, 2012 / Mir Plemmons

Life informs art…

Ok, the stories floating around are

1) a take-off on our mud dauber misadventures in the South – they rust where they build nests, you see…

2) expanding on chemo brain experiences w/ a take on how a powerful mage would change

3) expand the Two Coils, Twisting story with What Happens Next

4) I’ve always loved the Graduate Reading Room at the University of Washington – a cathedral feel, a true temple to learning. Small stretch to see a university club who meet there to practice word based, ritualistic magic.


There are one or two others that aren’t coming to the surface, but what would you like to see develop here during the write-a-thon?