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March 2, 2012 / Mir Plemmons

…And So it Begins: The Great American Road Trip, Our Style.

The short form: we’re flying to Florida, buying an RV, and driving it back to Washington.


The longer form: at this point, we’re all three convinced it’s the other’s fault, but kind of want to go ahead with this anyway… you know how this is, if you’re part of a family that does group projects. If you’re not – well, sometimes I envy you and sometimes I pity you. I refuse to disclose in what proportions!


I hope to blog here from the road – if I can. If not, I will have to retype my notebook. I’m hoping for story seeds that will germinate into something interesting.


Enough of a teaser – the road calls, and we must be going!


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  1. Mir Plemmons / Apr 3 2012 10:27 pm

    Heck-all for reception (or time to think!) on the road. I am starting a story inspired by a bug called a mud-dauber and what it did to the RV… and will try to follow through on my hope to tell the tale of our trip!

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