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July 12, 2011 / Mir Plemmons

Updating my various writing projects…

Hi, all.

Loose Pages: I’ve been adding more to Loose Pages (FKA Loosely-Put) and need to write the rest of the conversation with the mage (kind of a librarian, but I’m not sure I’ll quite come out and *say* so). I am still trying to decide whether and what to put in the italicized intervals. This will be a really short story – I doubt it will crack 1500 words. Update: it has cracked 1500… and nears completion of the first round... which is good, because that was my Write-A-Thon goal, and I have those articles waiting to get started… It was suggested that I make a collection in that vein, and I like the idea of vignettes around Seattle, with the mage librarian and maybe one or more of the kids get hooked in…

Two Coils, Twisted: I am debating coming out and saying very clearly the geography and interrelation. I thought it was overexplaining to do so – the point of the tale is two people doing what seems valid to them and oblivious to the other’s influence and vulnerability. They don’t really know. Clem is clear on where town is, but Annie has literally seen him in passing, seen his pots in the store, and has no idea either a) that he has the potential to be an energy worker or b) where he lives, that he’s at risk, etc. etc. Her base assumption is that the farmers outside of town have the sense to hit their storm cellars – she’s never tried to protect them. (Did I mention I know a lot more about these characters than made it into the short story?) Update: I have not made changes yet.

I’m doing daily journaling on caringbridge ( but am not holding myself to a particular writing standard. I am doing very little editing because the point is to express real-time me and medical experience, which loses freshness quickly as we clean it up too much… hard to resist, though, as I reread!

I have a few articles that are in various spots on the back burner. I’ll throw them up here, too, even though the point of this site was really to go through the writing process in public on Pages. Update: just sent off my contribution to an NEA Today article on fidgety students, solicited when I piped up on a facebook page with one of my favorite tricks. I don’t know when it will post, and also don’t know whether I’ll be named or quoted – but it’s a foot in the door with them.





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  1. Heather / Jul 28 2011 9:25 am

    Keep up the good work! I tried to donate but it didn’t work, so commenting it is for me. I’m excited to read the finished product, and am enjoying following your journey here.

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