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June 30, 2011 / Mir Plemmons

“Never quote me the odds!” – Han Solo

I started this with the Han Solo line above, after making the mistake of reading too many statistics. The truth is, most of the people I know have already survived something major – or several somethings. We are survivors. That got me thinking in a much more useful direction, and then… well, here. Uppity American Indian (NDN) warning:

Something hit me today:

I’m NDN. Don’t tell me the odds of survival.
I’m NDN. Don’t tell me how hard it is to hold what is *you* against invaders.
I’m Cherokee. Don’t tell me what a long, hard walk this is.
I am a survivor, born of generations of survivors.

Don’t tell me where my Red Road leads –
and don’t be surprised if
I walk it clean, strong, upright and in beauty.

I am of the People.

All my relations!



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  1. Sandra M. Odell / Jun 30 2011 10:26 pm

    Can we shake pom-poms to cheer on NDNs?

    • Mir Plemmons / Jul 1 2011 7:10 am

      No. The height of colonization, turning us into sports mascots, makes that completely unacceptable. (In fact, I had to be very good yesterday – I was in a fabric store and passed team theme fabrics w/o knocking the bolt of racist-team-x to the ground!)

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